SAML integration with Auth0

We have an app which uses Auth0 for user login. Currently we have google, azure AD enabled for users to login with.
We are in process of onboarding a new client and they prefer SAML connection to login.
I am following the below document to understand how to enabled it - Connect Your App to SAML Identity Providers

This page talks about setting SAML Identity Provider Configuration Settings with the link mentioned below - SAML Identity Provider Configuration Settings

Question - where do I set this configuration in auth0?

Hello @arunraj.singh,

If you want to connect the partner identity provider to your Auth0 environment (they are the identity provider, you are the service provider) then you want to set that up under Connections->Enterprise.

If instead you want the partner’s app to use your Auth0 for authentication, but you want to use SAML ( (you are the identity provider, they are the service provider), you can set that up under the application in Auth0 under Addons → SAML2 web app.


Thanks @markd

Can we pass custom claims in that SAML connection?
will there be any extra handling required on auth0 side to retrieve that custom claim?
Is there a documentation/references for passing custom claims in SAML?