What is the best practice to sync tenants?

As suggested in this forum, many applications use different auth0 tenants, for instance, for their production and development environment.

It would be good to have the users of the development tenant to be a superset of that of production.

What is the best practice to sync users from one tenant to another?
It would be good if that could be implemented directly in aith0.

I had a look at rules (where I could do an API call to the second tenant, whenever a user is created, deleted, or update), but that seems cumbersome.
I had a look at actions (but I only found a post-creation hook)

So I wondered, how are other people do that? or what is the best practice?

Hi @stefan.trenkwalder,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

From what I’ve seen, our customers typically don’t have production data (users) in their dev tenants.

That’s not to say it isn’t possible; you can certainly move users across tenants with Import and Export Users. It just isn’t typical.

Feel free to expand on your use case if I’m missing something.

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