What is the #1 concept you wish you understood better in auth?

Hi, I have a new question:
What is the difference between ‘applicationType’ in authorization api document, and the Application type in Dashboard > Application.
When I get permissions via authorization api, most of my permissions have applicationType = ‘client’, while I cannot see this type in Dashboard > Application

Hi @huyennbl, since these are general questions on the usage of Auth0, would you mind creating a new topic for these questions? This topic is to track identity concepts that people would like to learn about. It’s much easier for us to track and answer very specific questions like this if they’re tagged and categorized. It also helps other people find them if they have the same question. Thank you!

Hello everyone! You’ve asked for a product roadmap, so here it is! http://community.auth0.com/c/auth0-community/product-roadmap Please check out the topics there to keep up with features that are planned, in progress, and recently launched!

If there are any other questions you have in mind feel freee to hit us by reopening this community thread!