Node, Express, MongoDB. I have a few questions before I start

Hi everybody, I sincerely apologise for how basic/daft this post might be, but I’m very much in the process of learning all of this stuff and right now I’m having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around auth0. My only real experience with authentication before has been using JWT a little bit, so the leap to auth0 is quite big!

I’m starting the back end for a project, working with JS, node, express and mongodb.

I’ve spent most of today reading guides and watching videos, the joys of being stuck on my phone and unable to actually start coding anything, and I had a few questions before I start coding in the morning.

Very quick overview of the project I’m about to start working on. Express & Node backend using MongoDB for my database, with a React frontend. Using auth0 for authentication, because every HTTP request/route I will have (other than /login) will only be accessible for logged in users.

So my first question is just regarding what I actually need to create on the auth0 dashboard?

My understanding is that I will have to create a “Regular Web App”, authentication database and api.

  • Web App - I need this in order to provide the login/register page to users

  • Database - Needed to store the details of the registered users

  • API - The easiest way to make sure that any request made to my endpoints has a valid token attached

Is that broadly correct?