Wrapping my head around OIDC

I am having trouble understanding OIDC, I think I understand that it is not compulsory but is strongly recommended I am just not really sure why?

I am looking to put together my first Auth0 app (SPA + API) and I found a very recent and well put together article on the Auth0 Blog, unfortunately this article does not seem to mention OIDC anywhere and I was wondering if it did in fact demonstrate this: https://auth0.com/blog/react-tutorial-building-and-securing-your-first-app/

Question is, does the tutorial make use of OIDC, and if not should I be worried?


Hi chopfitzroy

Do follow the tutorial, it will help. It is very long, but there is a lot of good info in there.
OIDC is a layer on top of oauth2, and you can see that it is used because you are getting an ID token (way down in the tutorial).

So, work through the tutorial, then come back if you have more questions.



Hey John,

Sorry I am aware my question was a little open ended, I just wanted to make sure the tutorial would point me in the right direction, save learning something only to have to relearn something else later on!

I am glad to hear this tutorial will do that! I really appreciate your feedback!


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