React-auth0 API documentation

I’m using react-auth0 for my react application, but I’m having difficulty to find its documentation other than Auth0 React SDK Quickstarts: Login and auth0-react-samples/Sample-01 at master · auth0-samples/auth0-react-samples · GitHub which are not comprehensive enough

Is there any complete API documentation for this? For example, i tried to get id token I couldn’t find it on those documentation. I ended up finding it by accident from other repo which use getIdTokenClaims

Hi @andre.hermanto93,

It sounds like you are looking for the API reference.

Hope this helps!

Hi @dan.woda

The API reference link on github page doesn’t take me anywhere.


Can you reference which line of Github so I can update it (I got the link from a Github page, that one must be working)? :smiley:

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