Auth0 app as OIDC provider - Login required even though user already is authenticated

Hi there!
I have two react SPAs and they are using two different Auth0 app for authentication:
SPA1 - Auth0 App1(Organization-enabled)
SPA2 - Auth0 App2 – Auth0 App1
In the above, app2 has an OIDC connection which is using App1 as an OIDC IDP.

Below is my issue:

  1. I first go to SPA1 and use App1’s universal login to authenticate.
  2. After a successfully authentication on SPA1. I open another tab to go to SPA2 and click on “login”
  3. At this point I don’t have an authentication session on SPA2, it shows me the universal login box with a button called “Login with App1 OIDC”
  4. I click on this button. I was expecting a few redirects without having to login using App1 again. However it turned out I do need to login on App1.

I am wondering whether the above is expected or if there’s anything I should do to avoid the second time login to App1.

Thanks in advance!

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