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Welcome mail is sent according to previous template not updated one


i am updating welcome_email template when any user signed up in my app and sending welcome mail according to the updated template. But i am facing issue that the template gets updated correctly before sending mail but the mail is sent with the previous template. Every time when i sign up, the mail is sending with the 2nd last updated template not that one i am updated recently. I was trying like this…
// For updating template
auth0Service .getManagementApi().emailTemplates().update(Template.WELCOME_EMAIL.getTemplateName(), welcomeTemplate).execute();
//sending mail
auth0Service.getManagementApi().jobs().sendVerificationEmail(auth0Id, getApp().getAuth0Service().getClientId()).execute();


:wave: @yass-arafat can you share the full requests you were making? were you able to solve your issue?

closed #4