How to get welcome email template to update?


I am using a custom smpt server for my app and am trying to update the welcome email. After making changes to the template, I click the “try” button at the bottom of the screen and I receive the welcome email with my changes as expected. However, when I create a new account via API call, the welcome email I receive doesn’t reflect any of the changes in my template.

How do I get my welcome email template changes to appear when creating a new user via API call?

Hi @jbolh ,

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I tested this feature by creating a user via the API call and received the welcome email with the updated template successfully. By checking your tenant, I noticed that the Welcome Email template is not enabled. Can you enable this template, save it and try it again?

Please let me know how it goes. Thanks!

Hi Lihua,

Thanks for your reply. You helped me realize that my company was using a different template for their welcome emails (not the welcome email template), thus my confusion. I was able to change the appropriate template and I see the results now.

You are very welcome :grinning:

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