I am using API to get email_templates, only two templates are working for me out of 9

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GET https://{YOUR_DOMAIN}/api/v2/email-templates
I want to customize email templates, but I am unable to fetch results for any template other than welcome_email and verify_email
Getting error inexistent_email_template for all others.
Also, I am unable to see status toggle to enable template for few templates.

Hi there @mansi.srivastava ,

At first, I was confused as well.

This endpoint GET https://{YOUR_DOMAIN}/API/v2/name-templates will return only templates that have been already modified.

You should be able to find most of the emails code in your Auth0 tenant → Branding → email templates. One exception is the passwordless email Passwordless Email OTP, which is available under Connections → Passwordles → Email. Ref.

Please let me know if you encounter any roadblocks while modifying your templates.

Another thing to note is that when you test your new templates, you must first set your Custom email provider. But as all of them are just HTML files, you can test the appearance in your browser as well :slight_smile:

Ahh! Thanks @marcelina.barycka
It worked. After modifying the default template and saving, API started to give the response :grin:

Although I did not modify the welcome_email and verify_email templates, and the API provided a response. Also, Template enable toggle is visible for only these two template types :thinking:

Hi there @mansi.srivastava ,

To be sure that what you updated is also enabled, please look for a property enabled: true/false in the API response.

The same thing applies when you update/create a template via the API—please make sure to set the flag enabled: true so that the desired template is enabled in your tenant.

Is there anything else that’s confusing?

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