Welcome Email Not Working

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welcome email is not working for users who has been imported to auth0 using database connection . I have disabled verification email.

@cheshta.sikka by imported do you mean using the Import endpoint or do you mean they are imported as part of a custom database connection with user import enabled?

Also, the verification email shouldn’t have anything to do with this. that simply determines if Auth0 should send an email to knew signups to verify they own the email used to register for an account.

@sgmeyer - I have been using import endpoint followed by using change password endpoint . I have enabled welcome email in email dashboard too . But still not receiving welcome email.

@cheshta.sikka when these user are imported is their email verified? I know you asserted you are not sending the verification email. however I believe auth0 won’t send a welcome email to any unverified email.

@sgmeyer - yes when users are imported I am setting “email verified” key as true .

@cheshta.sikka I was thinking about this abit and ran my thoughts by a few other Solution Architects at Auth0. Here is why this isn’t sending.

The concept of doing a bulk import on users assumes the primary use case is we are replacing a legacy user store with an auth0 database. This is an implementation detail. All of these bulk imported users are already users of your applications. Considering this as the primary use case then sending the welcome email doesn’t make sense in this situation. Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t a use case like yours where the welcome email would be nice to be sent. It just means this isn’t going to work with bulk import as baked in for the transaction.

@sgmeyer - Sure , thanks for taking this up to other architects .
Just a last question , Use of custom email provider make it possible ?

I am following auth0 invite user flow

The custom email provider will allow you to customize the look and feel of the email, but it doesn’t change the behavior around the bulk import.

I tried something that I am curious would work for bulk import:

If you disable the email verification email (which I believe you have done) and enable the welcome email. The first time a user logins they might see that email at that time. I tested this on my own tenant using create user in the dashboard. Can you try to see if this works with bulk import? I may have time later today to give this a shot, but if you are in a hurry it could be worth testing. Given the primary use case for bulk import we may have still not send that email, but if you haven’t already checked might be worth checking.

@sgmeyer - Sure , Let me test suggested flow and share feedback .

@sgmeyer - Steps followed :- Disable verification email and enable welcome email . Invited user by calling import endpoint . User is created in database . Since there is no password for user yet . Send’s password reset email to user . Logged in using user credentials but could n’t found welcome email :frowning: . So , i think this way it is not working .

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