Email is not being sent when creating user through Import/Export extension

When I create a user through “Create User” button in Auth0 Dashboard it sends an email to user for Email verification.
However when i am trying to create users via importing through the json import using import/export extension the verification email is not being sent to the user.
Tried improvising with both the attributes email_verified and verify_email. Still email is not being triggered.

Also is it possible to create users in bulk using Management API?

Please suggest something regarding both of the questions above.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Aafreen_Khan

Thanks for contacting us at Auth0 Community.

Currently creating users via Bulk Import does not send a verification email, we have a backlog item logged to allow this functionality but there is not ETA yet as to when this feature will be available.

It is possible to create users in bulk via the Management API by using a JSON file containing your users and kicking off an import job, see our documentation here

Warm regards.

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