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WebAuth.authorize() redirect to signUp issue


We are developing multi-tenant application. To open login page we use method WebAuth.authorize

Initialization looks like this:
provider = new WebAuth({
clientID: ‘some client id’,
domain: ‘’,
audience: ‘’,
redirectUri: ‘’,
responseType: ‘token id_token’,
scope: ‘openid’

then for moving to sign up page we use this

login_hint: connectionName,
display: ‘signUp’

after calling this method we are redirected to sign up page as expected. but after click “sign up with google” social button on auth0 signup page you are redirected to google and display parameter (which was used to determine signup page ) is also passed to google in query parameters. as a result we get error on google page: Invalid parameter value for display: ‘signUp’ is not valid.
i’ve tried to use mode and initialScreen paramters instead of display. but they do not work and user is redirected to signIn screen


Hey there @geldev, I wanted to reach out to you in regards to you multi-tenant application issue I saw. When you get a chance can send me in a DM a HAR file you performed as you worked through your applications workflow? I have attached a document below talking about working with HAR files for reference. Also can I get a little more details on why you decided to go the multi tenant route as to better understand the complexities of the situation? Thanks in advance!


I wanted to follow up @geldev and see how things are going on the HAR File front and additional details on use case. We are happy to help to overcome this challenge together! Thanks!

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