"/authorize" endpoint does not redirect to "Authorize application" page

Hi everyone, this is my first post on here.

I’m trying to get the user redirected to the “Authorize application” page via the “/authorize” API endpoint. In reality, redirection doesn’t happen automatically, even though:

  • I can see in the “Network” devtools tab that the “/decision?state=…” request has been made.
  • I can open the “Authorize application” page manually by copy-pasting the URL of the made request into the address bar.

Instead, the user gets a “Verify your account” email.

Also, this problem doesn’t occur when using the “login” method of “auth0-js” library. This is how its request properties differ:

  • “credentials” is “omit” instead of “include”
  • “auth0-client” header is not undefined (where could I get it, btw?)

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kosta7 thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Were you using any of our SDK’s when building out your login flow, if so could you provide a link to the documentation you used when setting it up? It would also be helpful if you could provide your tenant and a .har of this network interaction in a DM to me so I can have a look at this a bit more in-depth. Please remove any sensitive information from the .har prior to sending it over and I’ll be happy to see if we can’t sort this out.

Best Regards,

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Hi Colin, thanks for the reply!

I was implementing embedded login with “auth-js” library to handle signups/authentication/authorization, but decided to try calling the API endpoints directly instead in order to reduce the bundle size. Wasn’t using any specific tutorial or documentation since cound’t find it (if it exists, I would be happy to see).
Just sent a DM with a .har attached.

Kind regards,