Auth0-react "loginWithRedirect" redirects user to 404

I followed the steps of this tutorial Link,
because I wanted to make a login with the Auth0 React SDK using context hooks (loginWithRedirect).
When I click the login button (onClick={ loginWithRedirect }) it redirects to
myDomain being the correct auth0 domain… which shows a 404 page (“website is not availlable”)

Shouldn’t it be …/login? instead of /authorize? Am I missing any api endpoint I have to implement myself?Or is it an auth0 application setting I have to take care of?
I have basically seen every next.js, auth0-react tutorial and nothing helps.

Hi @ph11x,

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It is correct that the loginWithRedirect call redirects to the /authorize endpoint, however, if the request was successful, then you’d be redirected again to the /login URL. (Here are details on the complete flow: Authorization Code Flow)

Have you tried using the orange “LOG IN & DOWNLOAD SAMPLE” button on the quickstart guide you’ve linked? If you use that and select a single page app from your tenant, then the configs will be pre-populated.

If that does not work, could you please send me a private message with your tenant name so that I can take a look at the settings? Thanks!

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Thank’s a lot. I’ve checked the settings again and changed the token endpoint authentication method from post to none and application type from regular page application to single page app. Now it works

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Awesome! Glad to hear you got it working!

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