Universal Login - Can't get to Sign Up UI

We just migrated to use Universal Login, and I’m running into an issue where I can’t see or get to the sign up page

I’ve added the propt=login&screen_hint=signup as stated in:

But that is resulting in an immediate redirect to the callback uri

It seems like it might have to do with Auth0 server side but I’m not getting an error, it’s just falling back to the login url + calling the callback and I’m not sure why

I thought that at one point there was a setting in the auth0 dashboard to enable and disable the sign up page, but I can’t seem to find it now.

We may need a HAR file to understand the issue.

Having said this, are you using /authorize endpoint while passing propt=login&screen_hint=signup?

If you are redirecting the user to /login directly, it is expected to have this issue.


I’m redirecting from:




Then When the browser gets ^ I get a

302 -> https://<auth_domain>/u/login?..
And (strange part)
302 -> https://<site_domain>/iam/api/v1/callback?..

Should I email or upload har here?

@sky-yieldx yes, a HAR file will be useful. Can you send it directly to me?

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@sky-yieldx I’m seeing the following error. Could you please check if signup is enable on the used connection?


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Ooh yes, I couldn’t find that page / I think that would definitely be worth adding to the universal auth docs
What’s the url?

On your Auth0 dashboard, you may find the connection from Connections => Database and click on the used connection.

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Thanks for helping on this one @Saltuk!

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