Verify and invitation emails flagged as spam

Hey there,

I got invited to administrate someone elses tennant but the invite mail got rejected by my mail server.

URIBL_GREY (1.5) []
ZERO_FONT (1) [20]
MV_CASE (0.5)

That’s a spamassasin score of 6.99, 5+ is spam by default so I imagine this affects a large number of users

Hey there @rustybox!

What email provider you use?

My email provider is me, my MTA is postfix

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That’s what I meant. Let me research and discuss that with the team and get back to you soon!

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To be clear, I don’t really mean rejected, I eventually found the mails in my junk folder so i’m not blocked, it’s more of a “hey you guys might want to make your emails look less spammy” heads up

okok gotchya! Relaying that feedback to the marketing team!