Verification emails are not sent and stuck 'pending'


I’m trying to test out the script in test tenant for user migration and unable to send a verification email. For that, I’m creating and verifying a mock user. I start by calling /api/v2/users endpoint with the following payload:

  email: '{user email}',
  email_verified: false,
  connection: 'Username-Password-Authentication',
  password:  '{random password}'

Then I’m trying to verify it’s email via /api/v2/jobs/verification-email with the following payload:

  user_id: {user_id from previous response}

I get something like this:

  type: 'verification_email',
  status: 'pending',
  created_at: '2023-05-22T18:05:05.826Z',
  id: 'job_cduoTtMq5EKkAzD0'

I have created multiple users but the result is the same whenever I check it through the job id. Although, I’m able to trigger and receive test mail none of that applies to verification emails. Would appreciate any insight why it’s stuck.

It turns out that I haven’t toggled verification email template :slight_smile:

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no worries! We’ve all been there! Glad it’s working for you now!

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