Verification Email URL getting changed to include /ls/click/

Problem Statement

We enabled Sendgrid as the custom email provider. We noticed that in all verification emails the {{ url }} value is being generated as [http://url4955](http://url4955/).[CUSTOMER_DOMAIN].com/ls/click?upn=[...]. The link should be https://[YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN]/u/email-verification?ticket=[TICKET_ID]


SendGrid offers a feature called Click Tracking which allows customers to track when links are clicked in an email. When this feature is enabled, SendGrid will scan your outgoing emails and replace your links with a link generated by SendGrid.

For example the below link in your email

<a href="http://my_link"" Please Click Here</a>

will be replaced with

<a href=""" Please Click Here</a>


Please disable click tracking on the SendGrid side. Please refer to this article.

If turning off Click Tracking in your SendGrid settings is not an option, you can set clicktracking=off in your Auth0 email templates by adding the attribute to any links in your auth0 email templates that you do not want click tracking.

<a clicktracking=off href="http://my_link"" Please Click Here</a>

With this change, you can keep Click Tracking enabled for any email campaigns you are running and also ensure that SendGrid does not change your outgoing email links when sending email from Auth0 using an email template.