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Verification and Reset Password Email not Working



We currently have our own SMTP server configured for sending email within auth0.

  • It has/had been working as recently as March 26th for sending password reset and verification emails.
  • Today we noticed these emails are no longer being sent for verification/password reset only.
  • If we go to the Email->Provider tab, test email is sent/received without issue.
  • Going to the Email-Template screen and using the ‘try’ button results in a ‘200 successfully sent’ email but no emails are ever received.
  • Going into an individual user and requesting to send the MFA email works successfully.


Can you DM me your tenant so we can look into that?


Any solution to this issue ? I am also facing the same issue


No as we didn’t hear back. Feel free to start a new topic with what you’re seeing, making sure to add steps to replicate along with any error messages - and you can shoot me your tenant via DM



Hey Jeremy,

Sorry for not responding, I missed these notifications for some reason.

The issue I faced ended up being caused by an image that was being used in my templates. It was a company logo being served up from AWS S3 and it had been working for some time. My guess is, somewhere along the way our email provider decided it did not like images from a domain that did not match the email domain. I switched the URL to an image on our website (same domain as our email) and it started working again.

Ronnie D.



Thanks for the update @quberadmin - does that help you any @ahumblenerd?