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V7 Auth0.js Passwordless Auth Failed



Auth0 Passwordless Auth is failing with my account not sure what is the issue
it throws error when I send the passcode
{“error”:“unauthorized_client”,“error_description”:“Grant type ‘’ not allowed for the client.”,“error_uri”:“”}

All was working well and tested until few days ago,
I dont see the grant types either let know how can I resove this issue
Let know how can I fix this issue


As we move towards greater alignment with industry standard specs, some old endpoints and grant_types are being phased out.

Passwordless connections should be implemented in the Hosted login page, as outlined in the Grant Types documentation:

If you’d like to continue to use legacy grant types, you can enable them via the Management API. Note, this is only available for clients created prior to 8 June. This is also outlined in the document linked above.