Passwordless integration

How can I implement passwordless lock for a new account. it’s working with old account but how can I implement with new account. Would you please suggest me how to integrate passwordless for new account. While implementing we are getting below error
{“error”:“unauthorized_client”, “error_description”:“Grant type ‘’ not allowed for the client.”}

As per API documentation:-
“This feature is disabled by default for new tenants as of 8 June 2017. Please see Client Grant Types for more information.”

The information provided is insufficient to provide definitive answers, however, if you’re looking to integrate Lock Passwordless as part of the hosted login page then if you go the Hosted Pages section of the Dashboard and select the Login page there’s a default template available for selection that shows how to use Lock Passwordless within the hosted login page.

Thanks for your reply, I have edited my question please go through again and answer accordingly.

Thanks, the situation is much clearer now. The reason the grant types are not available to new subscriptions is because they will ultimately be discontinued so any new implementation should not depend on those in order to save future rework. What’s your use case/requirement for wanting to use a legacy flow in a new subscription/implementation instead of opting for non-legacy ones?

Is it still available passwordless for the new user? If available then how we can implement (by rest API).

If you haven’t checked this before, the following documentation page showcases how to use passwordless as part of the hosted login page.