Passwordless authentication

i’ve created a client recently, to build a single page web app with Auth0. But when it comes to verify otp, with auth0 default hosted page. It throws following error-

    error: "unauthorized_client",
    description: "Grant type '' not allowed for the client."

i’m using npm ‘auth0-lock-passwordless’ package to create login page.
Please response asap.

The mean reason for this “unauthorized_client” you’re getting is because passwordless case utilizes the grant type, and they’re only enabling this legacy flow for accounts who were already using it (i.e. they had gone through development and testing and need to roll into production).

Proper support might come in the future (They’ll not be able to provide an ETA right now) but, as of now, They are not enabling the legacy flow for new customers.

Further information about this in the following link:

Hope this helps.