Using Visual Studio 2015/ Core 1.0 RC1/MVC 6 RC1


We are looking into using Auth0 for a new website will be standing up. We are currently using Visual Studio 2015 and ASP .NET Core 1.0 RC1, ASP .NET MVC 6.0 RC1. I noticed that the requirements for a .net application indicate a minimum of Visual Studio 2017 and ASP .Net Core 1.1. Would our versions work with ASP.NET Core v1.1: Login application type? Would the Owin configuration be necessary?

Thanks for your help!

Our samples and quickstarts target 1.1+. At the point, it didn’t make sense to support the 1.0 preview versions when 1.1 became available immediately after.

The samples/quickstart repository was updated to 1.1. with this commit. You can browse the repository before that commit to get an idea of how the middleware was configured in the 1.0 era. Keep in mind that 2 years have passed, so you’ll definitely won’t be getting the latests improvements or fixes.

ASP.Net Core has the OWIN-like middleware concept built-in and an OpenID Connect middleware component available, so no Owin is needed if using ASP.Net Core.