ASP.Net 4.6.2 Configuration Setup


I am trying to find some documentation on setting up Auth0 into an existing ASP .NET 4.6.2 application.

At present looking through the tutorials I can only see [the following]

This shows adding code to the startup.cs file. This file is only available from ASP .NET 5 or ASP .NET CORE.

Do you have any examples of implementation on ASP .NET 4?


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Hey there!

Unfortunately as far as I can see we only have those that you referred. What I would suggest is going to the ASP .NET 5 quickstart / SDK repo and raising an issue there asking for compatibility with version 4 and then sharing the link to the issue here so I can ping repo maintainers.

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Thanks a lot I just pinged repo maintainers!

Resolved this by setting up the OWIN startup file in aspnet 4.6.2

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Well done! Great to hear that!