Dotnet Core 3.1 support?

I’m a web developer for a small company trying to add single sign on support for our clients with Auth0. Our identity server is build in dotnet Core 3.1 and runs OIDC. I’d like to use a solution like the one in the Core MVC quickstart Auth0 ASP.NET Core MVC SDK Quickstarts: Add Login to your ASP.NET MVC application however the library used in the article only supports dotnet 6 and 7. GitHub - auth0/auth0-aspnetcore-authentication: SDK for integrating Auth0 in ASPNET Core. Is there a version that still supports Core 3.1? I know that 3.1 is no longer supported by Microsoft so I guess it’s a long shot but I thought I’d ask, Thanks!

Update: we’ve decided to implement generic SAML support and configure the SAML V2 Addon instead of using a specific Auth0 library.