I have used the Auth0 SDK for ASP NET Core to add Auth0 authentication to my MVC application.
(I’ve followed the quickstart here: Auth0 ASP.NET Core MVC SDK Quickstarts: Login)
This works fine on my development machine. However after deploying the MVC application as a docker container in the cloud (google appEngine), sometimes the authentication fails.
This happens during the callback from Auth0 to my application (via the callback uri). That request then suddenly returns a 500 status code. Is there any way I can debug this to find out the reason for the login failure ? (or any alternative ways to implement this authentication)
Thanks for the help.

  • Which SDK this is regarding: Auth0.AspNetCore.Authentication
  • SDK Version: e.g. 1.0
  • Platform Version: .NET (core) 5
  • Code Snippets/Error Messages/Supporting Details/Screenshots:

Hey there @svenmarien!

Can I ask to raise it in a GitHub issue in the quickstart repo here:

so we can address that with quickstart maintainers? Thank you! Once you have a link to it you can share it here so we can ping them.

Hello, the issue has been resolved. It had nothing to do with the Auth0 SDK, but with the fact that in the cloud, applications can run on multiple instances, where each should be capable of handling (authenticating) any of the incoming requests. This was not the case. Only 1 instance could handle the requests from 1 client, the other instances rejected the request. That is why sometimes the authentication failed.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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