.Net 4.8 Getting Started with Auth0

All, I am new to Auth0 and trying to figure out where to start. I am currently developing and maintaining a Asp.Net MVC Application. The application is setup for multi-tenant. Any thoughts or ideas on where to start. I’ve tried several examples but was unsuccessful. The only thing I was able to do was to get everything setup and running with a single tenant. Unfortunately, that wont work for this application. Anything help is appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.

Hi @josh.glasscock,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Our Auth0 ASP.NET Core MVC SDK Quickstarts: Add Login to your ASP.NET MVC application will show you generally how to implement Auth0 in an ASP .NET MVC app.

For multi-tenancy, I would suggest looking at organizations. We have a Multi-Tenant Applications Best Practices doc that mentions some specific tips for setting up a multi tenant app (although nothing related to ASP .NET).

https://developer.auth0.com/ has some great code samples, but not every use case is covered, and you may requires some trial an error.

Finally, you can always contact our sales team to set up a pro services engagement. Particularly helpful if you have a very complex setup.

Hope this helps!

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