Using sample PHP code on iOS 12 -- Auth0 login page hangs

Hello All,

I have Auth0 working great with my PHP application with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Apple. It all works really well, 50% of the time.

But 50% of the time when I call the “$auth0->login();” call in my PHP code, it correctly opens up to the login page for my app, the page in Safari or Chrome on iOS 12 it only shows the top header bar which is blank, but never actually loads the login options. See the first image below. If I do a simple page refresh, the login page then loads correctly.


The second image is what correctly appears the other 50% of the time.


This does not seem to happen on Android or iOS 13 (as far as I can test it).

What’s causing this and how to fix it? I can’t have my iOS users not getting the login screen 50% of the time and trying to direct them to “just refresh the page”.


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Anyone have any ideas here? Auth0 team?

Hey @HLR, when you run into this challenge are you able to reproduce it in Xcode? Do you see any errors associated with it directly whether it be in the logs under your tenant or within Xcode? You have been able to narrow it down to just to IOS 12 right? Thanks in advance for the help!

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