Using minified dev build of React in production on

On this page: Auth0 tenant/
Warning: It looks like you’re using a minified copy of the development build of React. When deploying React apps to production, make sure to use the production build which skips development warnings and is faster. See for more details.

Do you guys need some help with React?

Hey there!

Can you share the screenshot of the message so we can see in which part of the Dashboard you can see that and when? Thank you!

Pick any page and open up the devtools console.

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Thank you for providing that screenshot. I’m gonna relay it to our team responsible for the dashboard

Just got a response from one of the engineering teams that they are aware of the issue. It is on a internal dependency of the dashboard and the dashboard itself is not affected (it is using a prod version of react). They have it in their backlog but there’s no ETA for that as of now.

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