Auth0Lock one tenant works other don't

Hi all,
we are using Auth0Lock for login into our react app. We have 2 tenants, one for dev and another for production. When using dev tenant everything work great, user can login and user profile can be fetched.

But when react app is configured to use production tenant it doesn’t work at all. Most “visible” difference is that with working dev tenant jwks.json is fetched when I call, with production tenant this never happens.

With our production tenant user cant login and all I get is “WE’RE SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN ATTEMPTING TO LOG IN.”

Anyone has any ideas how fix this issue?

Hey there @jhaaparanta!

Can you share more context around what you’re building what blocks from our stack you use (quickstarts, docs, etc.) and also send me via private message your tenant name and tenant admin email address?

Thank you!

I just solved this mystery. I’m using .env files to manage Auth0 stuff and I copied another key which had the prod tenant domain. Only this one had ‘https://’ in the beginning, that one I figured out quite fast since http requests where failing because addresses started with `https://https://’

But the thing that was causing my problems was / at the end of the domain

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Perfect! Glad you have it working now!

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