The problem with Auth0 and React

Coding in React? Use auth0-react
Oh, you don’t want the universal Login? How about auth0-lock?
What? You ALSO want some UI freedom? How about auth0-js to make an embedded login?
PKCE? Never heard of it… Maybe just let your backend open and forget about all of it


Welcome to the Community. Is there a question in here? Or some feedback for our product team? We try to cover most common use-cases.

:flushed: I wouldn’t recommend this.

I’m currently in a choice loop between your SDKs, I know the pros and cons of each product but I need the following:

  • Auth0 Login in my product page
    • Lock
    • Embedded
  • PKCE flow to the same product page integrated with an open-source native app
    • Code Flow isn’t enough, according to Auth0’s documentation

Currently, no option can provide both. auth0-react is great to implement as a provider, but redirects to Universal Login, auth0-lock/auth0-js are turnarounds to keep the client inside my page but provides less security since I can’t use PKCE.

Thanks for explaining the use-case. I submitted the feedback to our product team. If you would like to make a feature request or just have general product feedback for our team in the future, you can submit it here:

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Okay, thanks for the attention

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No problem, let us know if you have any other questions. Sorry for the frustrations!

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