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Been scouring the documentation all over for this.
I can see on Lock’s homepage there is a way to embed an auth0 login in the same domain: Lock - Auth0 but even the docs itself only has 2 cases now: Lock Authentication Modes

I know Auth0-React isn’t using Lock, but is there a way to do an embedded login using Auth0-React?
This seems like a use-case that I and many others are looking for, but “solutions” I found are either too outdated or just never replied ever again.

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Hi @cgarrovillo,

Auth0-React isn’t built for embedded login forms.

You will need to use Lock or Auth0.js depending on if you want to embed our widget our build your own UI, respectively.

Also an obligatory disclaimer that you have likely already seen if you have done some research: we don’t recommend embedded login. You lose out on a lot of features and increase your attack surface by embedding the login form.

Hope that helps,

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