Using GMAIL SMTP - Automated Bulk Password Resets - email error": "Failed: 421 4.7


We have built a user-management App that creates users in bulk. We also want to be able to send bulk password reset emails out from time to time to ensure user’s are still using our applications and from a best practice point of view.

When we tried to run a batch of 200 or so reset emails, each user was sent two emails from the API, the first one resulted in an error :

"error": "Failed: 421 4.7.Mail command f0 Try again later, closing connection. (MAIL) n5-20020a5d6605000000b002c54d8b89efsm12160840wru.26 - gsmtp"

The second email got through, but when the user tried to click on the link they had an error message saying the link had expired. The link was set to 5 days.

A previous batch of around 120 emails went through fine.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a way around it?

Many thanks!