How to make email links work even for previously sent password reset emails ? (only the last link sent works)

Hi Auth0 team,

Often users who ask a password reset with Auth0 ask 2 times for the email.
Problem: they click on the wrong email in their mailbox and they got an expired link error with Auth0 because they don’t click on the last link sent by Auth0.

Is there a way to disable this standard security feature with Auth0, as password reset emails links also has time expiration settings with the Url Lifetime setting

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hi @clement1 ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you want to make the previously sent reset password link work within the URL Lifetime.

As mentioned in this article,

If the user receives multiple password reset emails, only the password link in the most recent email is valid.

The link in every email has a unique ticket number which is for securing the request. We can not disable this security feature.

Please let us know if any other queries we can assist with.