Reset Password link is not working

We are using the API to send the reset password email. The email got send but when we click on the link it opens a site with INVALID LINK message.

We are using this for 2 years and it was working.

One thing that I noticed is that it is working for old users but not working for creating new users.

Someone can help?

Edit: This is what is showing up on the logs:

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Hi @vitor.alano , welcome to Auth0!

It looks like (based on the error description) there is no ClientId provided within the request. Does adding it helps?

Which API endpoint do you use to send the reset password link? The Authentication API endpoint - or the Management API endpoint - Change Users' Passwords?

If the second endpoint (where identifying a user is on your side) , does the user for which the link is generated exist in the provided db connection?

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