Using Delegated Administration Dashboard - Need help with create user

I have installed the extension Delegated Administration Dashboard, set up one “Admin” user and one “User” user.
Under the Admin user, I have setup the Filter Hook so that both the “Admin” user and the “User” user can ONLY see their own “departments”
My goal is to be able to give this “Delegated Admin - User” account to my customer he can ONLY see his own users and be able to do the things that do show when he clicks on a user account in the list. (that being: Block user, reset password, change email, change password, delete user.)
However, when that user, the “Delegated Admin - User” account logs in, there is the big red “Create User” button.
My users need to be created with some special user and app metadata. Therefore, I either need to NOT let him see that big red button to Create User or I need a way to cause him to create the user with the appropriate metadata.
It would be great to have him create it. But I do not see that in the Hooks nor the Rules or I am missing some docs or directions…
Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks much!

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Take a look at custom fields in doc: Delegated Administration: Settings Query Hook

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