Managing Roles using Delegated Admin Extension

What would be the best method to allow a delegated admin to assign users to specific roles on the Delegated Admin Extension dashboard? The end goal is to allow a delegated admin to specify the roles of a user within an application.

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Unfortunately, the permission create:role_members which is required to assign roles is not supported by the Delegated Admin Extension. The following are supported actions that a logged in Users Dashboard account can take:

  • read:user
  • delete:user
  • reset:password
  • change:password
  • change:username
  • change:email
  • read:devices
  • read:logs
  • remove:multifactor-provider
  • block:user
  • unblock:user
  • send:verification-email

You may find this article helpful if you haven’t found it already: Better User Management with the Delegated Administration Dashboard

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