Using Auth0 with S3 access-level features & without AWS Cognito

I’m working on a social app where you can post videos to S3 and so we’re using Cognito for that. Is there some way that we can use Auth0 and not have to use Cognito? Would that require the Enterprise feature of being able to connect with AWS including S3 to do that?

Use case is that only the author of a post should be able to delete it, for example, as well as other access-level features, such as restricting based on having a private-account vs. public account. We looked through some documentation on Auth0 and there appear to be multiple ways to approach but at least some – or maybe all? – involve using Cognito still. This is a serverless app using Lambda, Apollo, and Postgres.

Or what do you recommend we do, even if that involves using AWS Cognito? Thanks!