Access aws s3 objects using auth0


How to access AWS S3 objects using Auth0?
I checked but it uses delegation which is deprecated, is there any alternative way to access s3?

Our requirement:
Users login to our site using Auth0, we want to provide these users access to our data present in S3 bucket.

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Hey there @dinesh!

Let me reach out to our docs and engineering team to let the first know to update the docs and the second to know how to achieve what you want. I’ll get back to you soon!

yep, waiting for the docs.

Sure! Let me get back to you once I have any info!


One way you can do it …

You can create an API Gateway Proxy to your S3 bucket. There is a guide here

Then you can put a custom authorizer on your API gatway that validates a bearer token issued via Auth0 in your login flow.

I have implemented this and it works well.

Can provide Cloud Formation script for the proxy configuration and TS code for the custom authorizer if helpfui


Woah! Thanks a lot for sharing that knowledge here @brotheredward!