Using Auth0 with .NET Aspire


The expectation of the client is to use .NET Aspire with Auth0. The Aspire stack is delivered through a collection of NuGet packages that handle specific cloud-native concerns using a micro service architecture. .NET Aspire was recently released in May 21st, 2024 to the general public.


.NET Aspire does not offer built-in support for handling authentication/authorization with any Identity Provider. There are additional steps to take with Aspire for any authentication to work as expected.

Here is a discussion on this from the Aspire GitHub repo.

Any further clarification on the custom Aspire resource should come from the .NET team.


  • When utilizing .NET Aspire, Auth0 is implemented through an ASP.NET Core application. Here is the quickstart documentation on how to integrate Auth0 with an ASP.NET Core application.
  • Here is the GitHub link for the same.