Implementation of Auth0 2.0 using JWT on .Net Core 2.1 Web API

Hii Team,

I am new to this Auth0 implementation, currently working on creating some API to interact with Agular JS App which will be developed later.

As of now I want to Authenticate and Authorize my API’s using Auth0 2.0, please can any one help me how to start, how to go about it.

I have gone through the basic understanding of auth0 and protocol framework article.

I have gone through implementation of JWT Authentication, their are may article and video on the same, but Auth0 2.0 I am unable to find the complete info.

I am not getting clear idea about integration from where to start(* actual development or coding part). please help me if some one has implemented the same or share a link/doc/video which talk about implementation in detail.

A quick turn around will be a great help :slight_smile:

Hi @manju.muthamadhu,

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I think there may be some confusion here. There is no such thing as Auth0 2.0. You may be referring to the open source OAuth2 protocol, which Auth0 (our company) uses to authenticate users.

If you are looking to implement Auth0 in your .net core 2.1 API, I would recommend starting with one of our quickstarts. Here is a good place to start:

Dear Dan

Thank you for the reply, I have gone through the below article(quickstart).

Couple of Questions
Is this an open source implementation or ??
If it a open source then the above quickstart talks about creating a API and Application in Autho for free. If we incorporation the API Domain and Identifier In my web API project, then It will become dependent, how to go about it.

I found this article in Community and I was following the same. Please check and confirm whether I am going in rite direction or not ?

Auth0 is a service, we have open source elements but we manage enpoints that are not open source.

The blog you linked is talking about general authentication with JWTs in ASP.NET Core 2.0.

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