Setting up a SPA + API combo with React and .NET Core

So I’m looking into Auth0 as the foundation for a few of my projects and I’m pretty sure I know how I want to set it up, but I’m having trouble finding resources on what to do for Auth0.

For context, I have a react app that is calling my .NET Core API, both of which should have auth built in and need to work together. I’m (pretty sure) that I should be using OAuth 2 authorization code grant using JWTs and refresh tokens stored in cookies, but I’m not finding any resources on how to set that up. The closest I’ve come is this, but it’s really high level. I can’t even tell which application type I should select or how to set it up. Some resources on setting up the react and .net sides would be nice too, but would just be a bonus at this point.

Of course I find this right after I post. It does seem to answer a bit, but if anyone has any other insights or resources on the auth0, react, or net core side, that would be greatly appreciated.