Authorization for ASP.NET Web APIs

Learn how to secure an ASP.NET Web API by granting access only to authorized users through Auth0 authentication and authorization services.
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Is this article clear enough to help you implement Auth0 in your ASP.NET Web API?
Let me know


Just tried out this Auth0 example code on ASP.NET, works a treat!


Hey @tom.randles, happy to hear this! :tada:
Stay tuned and you’ll learn how to use permissions in next weeks :wink:

Hi @andrea.chiarelli. Is there a tutorial for .Net framework 4.x (not Core)? All .net documentation I see only targets .Net Core.
Is it possible to add auth0 support for legacy .net applications? The nuget packages seem to target only core.

Hey @cossio.jorge, have you taken a look at the ASP.NET Web API (OWIN) Quickstart?
It should be the starting point for the .NET Framework