How to implement Auth0 in .NET MVC with web api?

Hello Guys, I am looking forward to use Auth0 with currently developed web api for login.

I am using web api which is .NET framework 4.6 based and is currently using basic web api token based authentication.

I would like to know, can i add auth0 side by side, or I would have to remove current web api based token based authentication and then use autho as a new?


Hi @vikasjklalwani,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It doesn’t look like there is a direct integration from that example, (it looks like you wrote it, great work!), but it is quite similar and should be possible to translate some of the general concepts.

Our Auth0 ASP.NET (OWIN) SDK Quickstarts: Login example uses similar libraries, although it doesn’t use the resource owner password grant, although it is available.

Hopefully that helps!

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