Unable to use auth0 authentication api auth0 sdk for asp.net 4.8

how i can use auth0 authentication api using SDK ?
I am having ASP.NET web api 4.8 project and another web project. In web we have injected angular application so web can be consider as front end application which is calling web api project for backend work.
I am not sure in which project should is use Auth0 SDK to implement authentication.
I need to use authorisation code flow for authentication with auth0.
can anyone suggest which SDK should i use and in which project?
I am stuck at this point.
I have tried using sdk with owin as documentation is suggesting for asp.net versions but unable to form url similar to sample application.

Hi @abhijj,

Have you seen our .net client?

Here’s the quickstart: https://auth0.com/docs/quickstart/backend/aspnet-core-webapi/01-authorization

And here’s the angular quickstart: Auth0 Angular SDK Quickstarts: Login

This resource also helps you walk through setting up a full stack: Get Started with SPAs: Security and Identity Management

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