Auth0-python sdk quickstart not using auth0-python sdk!

It is my first time trying to use auth0-python SDK to login, but I can’t figure out how to do it!

I followed the quickstart guide for Regular Web Application SDK Libraries, and it is working fine, but it is not using the sdk! It is using oauth.auth0.authorize_access_token.
I’m trying to use AuthorizeClient importing from auth0.v3.authentication, and I can see the login page, but it breaks after sending the username and password.

The question is:
Is it possible to don’t use OAuth and use auth0 SDK instead?
If so, is there any example that I can take a look?

I’ve been searching for it all day, and could not find anything!!

Thanks in advance!

Hi there @thiagobfelicio welcome to the community!

Great question! As you’ve noticed in the quickstart, auth0-python is not suitable as a web sign-on SDK - It is more or less just a low level Management and Authentication API client. The SDK doesn’t provide any sort of session management which is why the quickstart and sample app usedAuthLib along with a web framework like Flask or Django.

Hope this helps to clarify!

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