How to use auth0 "raw" (without library)?


I am trying to use auth0, and I have to say it is a nightmare if you don’t use the library they provide.

I have found this page:



I cannot find anywhere in the doc what should be each parameters. I noticed if I remove “state” from universal login using the sdk to automatically redirect, then the universal login does not work anymore.
What is connection? if using the sdk, then connection is not passed in the url.

I noticed when using the sdk, then other params are passed in the url like: nonce, code_challenge, auth0Client…etc.

Where can I find a full documentation explaining how I can use auth0? Not partial documentation explaining how to use the sdk.

Hi @stefdelec

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If you don’t want to use our SDKs, Management API describes the whole API working under the hood of the Auth0 Dashboard. On the other hand, if you want to use Universal Login, you have to stick to the SDKs. You can read more about Authentication with SDK in the Authentication API

In terms of connection

The name of a social identity provider configured to your application, for example, google-oauth2 or facebook. If null, it will redirect to the Auth0 Login Page and show the Login Widget.

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