How do I use Auth0 with ASP.NET Core Identity?

I’m trying to a build a fairly simple webapp that helps manage/visualize some Google Analytics data for users. I’d like for my users to be able to sign up with either a Google account or simple user/pass. When registered I’d like the user to be able to authorize and assign the Google account that hosts their analytics so I can perform actions on their behalf.

Technical Info:

  • Using hosted ASP.NET Core 2.0.
  • I will need offline access to the Google account that hosts the analytics via a refresh token so I can run data processing without user intervention.

I have followed and setup the ASP.NET Core tutorial but I’m not sure how to proceed with my other requirements. It appears that the tutorial relies on cookies to keep state, whereas I would need to first-time register a user and start storing info specific to my application. I’m not sure how to do that?

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Hey @strich !

As it has been more than a few months since this topic was opened and there has been no reply or further information provided from the community as to the existence of the issue we would like to check if you are still facing the described challenge?

We are more than happy to assist in any way! If the issue is still out there please let us know so we can create a new thread for better visibility, otherwise we’ll close this one in week’s time.

Thank you!

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I’m interested in this topic… I’ve been watching to see if it would get a response from the Auth0 team.

I’d love to know more about how Auth0 can be using with the ASP.NET Core Identity system. The Auth0 quickstarts for ASP.NET Core do a great job for how to handle authentication with ASP.NET Core but there’s not good information to take the next step for how to integrate with the ASP.NET Core Identity system for all of the other capabilities that it provides. There’s a lot of pitfalls in the research I’ve done so far…

Totally got your point @edb ! Provided your feedback to appropriate teams, we’ll certainly try to build up on that!


Does anyone do this? My current system is based on ASP.NET Core Identity and I’m migrating to Auth0. I’m debating whether it’s worth keeping this secondary layer of roles and claims in Identity separate from what Auth0 stores.

Does anyone have input on this, or do you find Auth0 fits all of these needs?

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