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Using Auth0 Management API Webhooks


I’m trying to release resources i.e. deleting non Interactive Clients assigned to the user when he’s deleted using Auth0 Management API Webhooks.

On my personal account, this is working where the no of logs generated is small. But on my company account where the log generated is more than 100 per minute this doesn’t work. All the events sent by the Webhooks are patch users. Post and delete users are never sent. Even when I created a user or deleted a user, a minute or two before the schedule run, only patch user event are sent.

I don’t think this will work as the no of logs generated by my account is more than 100 per minute. Meanwhile the max no of logs that can be sent at once is only 100.


We are going to check on the number of logs for this case and will get back to you shortly!


For anyone tuning in at a later point this issue was addressed through a support ticket, but at this time it is 100/minute.

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